B&B La Galleria

esterno_palazzo“B&B LA GALLERIA” has been done up in order, to offer visitors the best conforts: TV, air-conditioning, wi-fi, food warner, mini-bar, breakfast in the room or in Diaz square (over the town hall). There are 3 indipendent double rooms, each provided with bathrooms. The rooms can be made interconnecting according to specific needs.

“B&B LA GALLERIA” is situated in a modern building, Palazzo la Galleria, which looks on to the ancient city walls of Nardò. As far, back as 1952, the prime minister conferred  the title of “City” for its historical and  cultural merits and for the quality and size of its territory.

250345_10151255588372578_51701698_n“B&B LA GALLERIA” is in the middle of the city and, with in a comfortable and pleasant walk, from the shopping and historical areas of interest. Fine examples of “Barocco Minore”, can be seen and visited. The most renearcable examples are: the Cathedral near to the Bishop’s Palace; St. Antonio, St. Domenico, St. Joseph’s churches; St. Chiara and Carmelites’ convents, not to mention not-ecclesiastical buildings, such as: Acquaviva Castle (now the town hall), the “Tempietto dell’ Osanna”, the baroque Salandra square, where you can look at “Guglia dell’ Immacolata”, the “Sedile”, the oldtown hall then seat of the Prefecture, the “Bull’s fountain”, etc. Christian rituals, during holy week are also very fascinating.


In addition Nardò, thanks to its territorial size, offers:

  • fortified and no-fortified farms, known as “masserias” some of which are partly restored and some fully  restored and open to the public;
  • about 45 km of unpolluted coast, with 11 coastal towers, situated at regular intervals. There is the enchanting natural Park of Porto Selvaggio and Nardò’s marine locations such as: “Quattro Colonne” (the first coastal tower), “Santa Maria al Bagno”, “Santa Caterina”, “Cenate” full of stately villa and the bishop’s summer residence (a location which I designated as “Le stanze del Salento” because of its landscapes and architectural beauty), “Sant’Isidoro”, up to “Torre Culimena” (the last coastal tower) situated near to the Nardò Technical Center,  the site of Porsche engineering’s proving ground.

In 2013 Nardò was awarded  “Le cinque vele” by LEGAMBIENTE for the quality of its bathing water and reported its beaches as among the most beautiful and clean in Salento.

Nardò is in the centre of a roadway network that allows easy connections, private and public, with the main tourist resorts of Salento: Lecce (25 km), Gallipoli (10 km), Porto Cesareo (10 km), Otranto (50 km), S. Maria di Leuca (50 km), Maglie (30 km). These locations can be reached in the summer by special service (one way or return) , Salento in bus, , or by Sud Est, train service which is in close proximity to B & B La Galleria.